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Not getting kicked


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Was looking through our sv_violations.log and saw two people who had been caught with wallhack.dll and red.ps or something like that.


So I looked in the relevant pb log file and saw that they had not been kicked for these violations!


Is there a line that I'm missing in my config because I thought it would be logical for PB to auto-kick or maybe ban for this?



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Maybe same situation as with ET one week ago.


Try to find in logs:

Kicking for new violations has been temporarily disabled per PB Master Servers - use the pb_sv_enablekicks command to manually re-enable kicks.

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why would it though?


Just an error in programming or EB being idiots?

quite the reverse m8 :) EB have the option to disable auto kicks at the master server end and normally apply this when a new update is released ..if all goes smoothly its not long before the auto kicking is re-enabled .. if things do not go smoothly it saves lotsa players getting kicked for nothing .. if you stop and think about it .. it makes sense .. normally if the auto kicking feature of PB has been disabled at the master server end you get a message from PB saying so :)

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Good point. I suppose if it was auto-kicking for a cvar which was mistakenly added to the list or something like that it would get annoying.


Btw new update out today and the server is still not kicking so I'm guessing EB still have it disabled until they fix whatever they are trying to fix

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