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ok i have been banned from a server dont know ip just server name =F|A= Hardcore i do not know why i was banned a messege popped up an dissapeared within 2 seconds i know it said been banned for 365 days, my guid is a0eca311. already wrote on F|A forums but was told to come here first. could you help me would really apreciate it.

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Not sure why someone has suggested you come here for anything.

A quick check reveals Enemy Territory pbguid a0eca311 does not appear on any PBBans banlist.

PBBans does not issue 365 day bans.


Do you have a F|A forum link?

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Taz its Wolfenstein Enemy territory, i don't understand why they said i should come here but thats what they said maybe to see if PB banned me, fozzer the F|A forum is http://fearless-assassins.com/


ok fozzer PB does not show im banned well then i dont know why i can not enter server.

but thanks fozzer.


oh it said i was banned for use of cheats, when i do not use cheats in any type of games online or game consoles Wii/Xbox ect. game cheats are the worst thing in gaming.



My name on F|A Forums is Cornhole

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Now I have a bit of time on my hands, a comprehensive search of the unofficial banlist reveals this;

[PBBans:16734 2013-11-22] 2be1b7bb82733bc4559e1332a0eca311 "Cornhole" "68.62.*.*" "CVAR 9001"


You were detected with a cheat cvar in your cfg ( wl_aimkey = 16 )

It is entirely the server admins choice whether to scan for cheat related cvars.

It is entirely the server admins choice whether to ban for a cheat related cvar violation.

If you wish to contest anything speak to the server admin.

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