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Old Scam on youtube for *anything* so you can download and ban.


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Hi guys did not know where to post this so any admin can just make sure the hack is made to not work in bf4 and then delete the post or edit it.


****Do Not Post Any Cheat Site Information On the Forums*******

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great info just as i thought you dont care huh?


so no info where i send link to in your site just a stupid message in red to say dont post links in forums?

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i thought you care huh?


not at all. [ IF keywords:'Youtube' OR 'rghost' DO move:TrashCan ]


Apparently this is the hack for the Universe search identical DL link {lol, now they finally removed the user; Was: ~300 search Hits :P} , save my time to provide proof this is malware - as usual, rghost==Trojan-host - check it out yourself : https://malwr.com/analysis/ZjAyODYxMmJiZDQ1NDI4MGEwNGQ0MGJmYTJkZjE3OWY/#behavior 'Behavioral Analysis' and "abcww.exe" Tabs. http://www.google.com/search?q="abcww.exe" ,

random hit  http://www.drwebhk.com/en/virus_techinfo/Trojan.DownLoader10.39556.html matching malwr.com 'Dropped Files' Tab:

[ PE Disassembler: 'This is a compiled AutoIt script ]


what did you do here since 2011, play with your toes? Edited by Benway
{remark} to external link
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A suggestion for the OP.

Make sure you run a full malware scan on your pc.

We have a zero tolerance for cheat site links / advertising etc on here ... and an even greater intolerance for malware links.

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