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Ask what is the problem


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How then to solve it?

Reading the link provided would be a start.


If you believe your EA account and/or persona has been incorrectly suspended/banned and you would like to dispute this action, please contact support at [email protected] from your registered email address.

In the Subject of your email, please write "Banned/Suspended Account - Game/Product Name - Persona  Name".


In the Body of your email, please include the following information:


Your Information:

  • First Name & Last Name:
  • Game/Product Name:
  • Persona Name:
  • Banned or Suspended:
  • Error/Notification Message received (if any):
  • Details of your dispute:

Each account and/or persona is reviewed on a case by case basis. Though we make every effort to address these inquiries in less than 24 hours, we ask that you please be patient as it may take some additional time to do a full investigation.


Please note: The majority of banned or suspended accounts are only suspended temporarily.  Find more information about the length of your suspension by checking the email address associated with your account.


Be sure to read EA's Account Suspension Policy.


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