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Origin hacked


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Hey guys,
To start, sorry if this is not the right place to post!
So, I am playing BF4 since the launch day game. Two days ago, I started to play in the middle day, and back in the night to play again when i got the surprise! I received the message: Enforced prior ban: Foka [515999f6].
I didnt know what was that and i google it, and i founded this page from pbbans: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-515999f6-vb317483.html
What? Hack? in September? From Ukraine???
Ok, in the first, i NEVER used hacks in my life. Second, i dont play BF3 long time ago, Three, UKRAINE? 
So, I checked my BF3 stats and i noticed that someone played my game with MY nickname (why?) in Europe servers (YES, I'M FROM BRAZIL!) with hacks, alot of headshots and this things.
Than I remember, when I tried to install my BF4, i received the wrong password message from Origin, but I thought I just was putting the wrong one, and changed that to a new one.
Guys, I don`t know what can I do. I really really swear, I NEVER used hacks. Its impossible to be me, the IP is from Ukraine, I dont play BF3 for a long time ago! 
Sorry my bad english!




PS: I already send a message to EvenBalance and to PBBans, but no answers yet!

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that GUID has been used in at least 4 different countries. it is "in the wild" and has been used to cheat


you were kicked because bf3 bf4 and moh:wf all use the same GUID and bans can be enforced across all three

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Guys, take a look in the last messages!


12/06/2013 19:22:50 - "Alex J"pblogo_small.gif     Note #4: We do not find this violation to be triggered in error, and it will not be removed. It is at the discretion of the third-party ban list administrator to remove any ban given as a result of this violation.



12/06/2013 21:05:30 - "Foka"     Note #5: Alex J, this is really a mistake! I have more than 230 games on my Steam, I recently bought 3 games on Origin. I NEVER used hack in my own life! 

I worked in one game event in Brazil for Battlefield 4 building all the server beta game. I have photos if you need. So, I won this game and the PREMIUM account from Jonathan Harris, he represents the EA here in Brazil. 

PLease, I really need your help. If I need to talk with the admin from this server, how can I contact him? What server did that? 

Look, i confirm: The account was NOT banned incorrectly, BUT WAS NOT ME! Someone hacked my account! I can do anything I can to prove that! We can talk with Jon (I have his contact) or something like that, anyway, anything I can do to prove that I will do! 

Please, check the IP, its not from Brazil. The user IP is from UKRAINE. 

I always loved the punkbuster because I hate to play games with hacks, please, don't make this mistake situation change my mind! :(
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note 4 says it all the ban will not be removed.


pbbans will uphold any ban on an account that is from EB. unless EB post on there site that the ban is a false positive in which case all bans under that violation number will be removed but not until EB declares a false positive

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The ban has nothing to do with the name or IP. It's all about the GUID being used to commit a violation.


Might begin with a reformat. Then protect everything on your computer. Then start a new email address and Origin account. Then buy a legit, brand new game.

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Here is the advice we give to players in your situation;


First and foremost you have to make sure that you have a secure Origin account.
The best way to do that is to use a fresh email address,create a new Origin account and start again from scratch.

1. Use a strong password that is unique to Origin and not used on any other forum/blog etc

2. Do not allow windows to remember your usernames and passwords.

3. Do not click links you are unsure of (especially game and/or cheat related)

4. Do a full system scan for malware.

5. If you think EA is somehow culpable for allowing someone else to access your Origin account, ask them to provide you with a new game key.

6. If you think you are somehow culpable for allowing someone other than yourself to access your Origin account, buy a new game key.

7. pbguid 99506c32bf3325f8db091ebb515999f6 has been compromised and the only fix is to get a new game cd key.



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