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Kicked for 15 minutes....


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Not a hack just an exploit that I was told about and posted info here over a year ago about it.

You guys might want to check into the "Time Nudge" also...I've been hearing alot about that lately.


Hey DEZ...how long you been in SOF? IF you have been in for a longtime, do you remember 33ZIGGY33? He is my brother and wanted me to say hi to the DEZ clan.

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Exploitable?...does this mean it is used to prevent other program exploits in game? If so how do you use it? What is the appropriate number to set?


I mean it was easy to tell people turn off your msn pop-up messages when in game but what happens if its a program you use for the safety of your computer? Like anti virus software......

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Yea I don't have access to that area either =(


I've tried to get my server to stream and just couldnt figure it out. Someone gave me a cfg to stream and it lagged our server so bad it would go down anytime someone tried to join.


If someone would help me get it running smooth, lagless, I'd be Streamin!

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Aphrodite add me to your msn so we can have a look at it :)

Dude,,your always AFK at MSN !!! lol , need your help asap but you never reply ,,,some tard deleted my pbsv.cfg file , need your help getting new one :D
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lol you try to conntact me 3:00 in the night bud iam sleeping at that time :)

if you ain`t online tonight then i will send you one in a pm ;)

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Ok I added ya :)


I added you to mine too MRX....Also I have 5 screenshots of Cocky|Ds with the macafee crap making his game look like a wall hack.


Aphro...change your login name so it says our clan name!...lol

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I think we will have to have another look at it tonight

the server isnt streaming now

YAY we be streamin! Thank you for all of your help mrx and ace...you guys rock!
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