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Battlefield 5 Season Update


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If this article is real, then it's just another money maker. They don't care about the communities. They are trying to get people to think that they care so they are flashing pay-4-patches incentives in front of gamers faces now. Patches should be mandatory to fix problems. They should not be forcing gamers to pay for them if they want their games fixed. When push comes to shove all EA cares about is $$$$$. I can see EA taking a lot of flack for this as well.

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It's not even April 1st yet, getting an early start. :P
If it does turn out to be real which I highly doubt, I've only got one thing for EA/Dice.




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Hahahaha! You made my day Maester! I love it when EA gets fun poked at them. This could backfire though. EA could read this and say "fkna, not a bad idea at all"


Yeah its funny but GameInformer poked at them so I give them credit lol

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