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Server IP:

Server Port : 27973

Game : RtCW (Return to Castle Wolfenstein)

Clan Tag : storm

Co-Admin : N|A




Thanks to foxdie + (DeZ)MaydaX + fozzer for explanations/help on

how to set pbucon facilty up + all those involved getting getting

it incorporated at PBBans.

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The MSI says the server is streaming via Rep, but is not yet reported as being found in the MSI Hub List.


Would appreciate if Fozzer, Foxdie or (DeZ)MaydaX could perhaps take another look and hook up Hub access for this server if possible.


No rush, but I followed the instructions some time ago, and am now wondering if a tech issue is preventing you configuring Hub access for this server.

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welcome to the future straydog :P

Hehe totally sweet system. :woot:


I realize this area is reserved more for technical side setting up, but I can't resist posting.


For some reason I had doubts of Hub working on my server, but have just seen theres been another catch today at Barrysplanet IWG server for RTCW, and sure enough the is also all the details have been auto added to my servers pbbans.dat.


Love it ! :bigtup:


Well done PBBans for getting all this Hub system implemented. :clapsmiley:

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I'd be grateful if you could check my server status from your side.


Visting pbbans.com today, I see there is no green streaming admin star logo by my name on the forums.


Running a check, I get no result listed for my server in the MSI Rep List or the MSI Hub List.


Not sure what else I can do from my side.


I know my server rental company recently physically moved their servers to a different location, but the server IP and details haven't changed.


Thanks. :)


I did rcon pb_sv_uconlist on server and all looks correct.


Posted Image

Edited by straydog
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