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thanks pbban for taking my name off the list!


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my ban was pbss blocker. i do have some questions concerning this so it doesnt happen again.

can someone tell me how this might happen? is it a mistake on the server i was playing on? im 100% default so i dont know what happened. i do think i have pb issues though. my computer seems to freeze periodically. not connection interruption either, actually game feezes. i tried playing on a pb free server and never got the freeze once so im 99% sure its pb. i read the facts and have up to date drivers and such. i dont want this to happen again but i think it might be related. or i could be wrong. thanks again pbban for removing me. :)

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afaik there is a bug related to the nvidia gfx card drivers and settings that create a pbss blocker effect .. there are also a few issues within ET after the last pb update re pbss .. we have reports of duplicate pbss being created and lag issues .. i personally have elected to disable autoss on servers i run till those problems are addressed .. in the meantime we will triple check all the future pbss submissions for any of the above issues before anyone is placed on the MBI :)

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ok i just found an article on the website for the server i got kicked about me "cheating". i read that i cant copy a post without permission so i want to know if i can copy this post or can someone point me in the direction of a person i need to ask?


ive got another question. is anything sent to the admins of the server stating it was a mistake? i assume not.

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1st question-You need to ask the author of the topic or fozzer

2nd question-If they stream here they will see that the ban was removed and why.However they will update there ban list on there own and when they feel the need to.Your ban was removed from the list so when they update there list you will be removed from there server

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