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Sound/lag issue


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Im having an issue with odd sound in sof2 at the moment. Example i'll enter a server for about 15secs i lockup my sound will loop like a skipping cd i'll get a major red lag spike then all my sounds weapons etc sound like crap (muffled). After about 5mins of that and stuttery gameplay it all smooths out and my sound returns to normal. I know it's to do with pb because if i go on a non-pb server it's doesn't happen. Things i've tried to fix it but have failed.


Defragged pc

Reinstalled updated etc.

Fresh cfg

Removed custom sound mod including roc-sounds.

pb_sleep 500


All game files are installed correctly and im about ready to drop this pc from a very tall building.This doesn't happen in any other game & it's only started in the last 2 weeks. Any suggestions welcome.

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hmmm, it would be 1 thing if it happ. on all servers but you say just pb servers...


My prob was the same but on all servers,,reason was Norton + SpySweeper scanned every time I joined in a server, it dragged \skipped and spiked till the scan ran through,,now I disable both before entry and it runs fine...maybe check for updates on sound card? Do you run the game w\ any cd\dvd in the drive?


If you use ftp log onto your server w\ pb on then go read server logs, it may explain something in it as pb is loading onto your comp...sry I couldnt be more helpful.

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I dont use the suite i used just the free fire wall, Since i turned it off no more problem that's enough for me to uninstall it and be able to play a normal game without jittering and jerking about all the time.

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