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Hey guys,


Been a little while since i was ere last.


Im going to read all the stuff on the streaming pages shortly ( got to run missus to airport) but I just wanted to know whats new in the PBBans world of streaming etc. And yup it is about time I got something running now for the Tram Server, have a couple of suspicsions I would like to get confirmed or denied.


I have tasked Benway one of the great admins of my Tram server to look into this and I know he has started to do some work on it, but just wanted a pointer really fozzer as to what I should be looking at now for this 32 slot public server, that has a nice little community of regulars along with some new players to the server.


Any suggestions or advice will be more than welcomed.





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you can not go far wrong with streaming via the PBBans hub - all relevant info to get your server streaming via the hub is here click me


any questions, i'm always available via irc (or at least a staff member is) :) - channel #pbbans network:quakenet

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