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Probleme streaming ppbans sur mon serveur AAPG


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Salut à tous,mon account manager a été activé,mais j'ai des soucis de streaming,c'est à dire que quand je vais dans server manager mon serveur in dique ça: (41020)



Puis tout en bas: The following are backup ucon profiles in case the main one becomes unavailable. Your PB logs will show the following error message if you do not have these profiles when PBBans uses one of the additional ucon profiles. 

PunkBuster Server: PB UCON Packet ignored "pbbhub3-2"@ []

If you use the Automated Streaming Setup (Version 1.31+) tool then you already have these additional ucon profiles. 

In your pbsv.cfg file add the follwoing under the original pbbhub3-1 profile:

pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbhub3-2" "pbbanshub"
pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbhub3-3" "pbbanshub"

Should look like this in the pbsv.cfg file when done

pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbhub3-1" "pbbanshub"
pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbhub3-2" "pbbanshub"
pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbhub3-3" "pbbanshub"

Send a pb_sv_load command using RCON or restart PB after you manually add them to your pbsv.cfg file.



Alors que ces trois lignes sont bien dans mon pbsvuser.cfg,j'ai redémarer mon serveur,je peux pas pbss les gars sur mon serveur,la commande online ne fonctionne pas,je ne comprends pas,j'ai besoin d'aide!!

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I added the correct server address to your team account and the server is streaming nicely;

Team: Squad Power Gaming (*[SPG]*)
Account ID: 15967
Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1)

For future reference.

You always use the rcon/query port to set things up.

You always use the actual game/join port when adding to a team account.

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