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SBD Reduces Update Frequency (Once Daily)


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Found this today . . .


In response to several issues of bans files growing exponentially and constant warnings from our web hosting service - The Searchable Bans Database will now only be updated once a day. Also, the web code will be rescripted to disallow searching at the time the database is being updated.


What does this mean for visitors, admins, and banned players? It means that the SBD will not be available for approximately 15-20 minutes out of each day. The daily update will occur late at night to accommodate the low server loads as well as the sparse visitor usage. Please bare with us while these changes are commencing.


So far, some of the bans files that we collect are over 1 MB in size. As you can see by the numbers on the SBD page, bans have surpassed the 16,000 count for most major Anti-Cheat groups. This is the price we have to pay for dealing with cheaters. So everyone wave to the banned morons and sound off with a big - "Thank You Jackasses!"

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I noticed that the PBBans for America's Army are in that list.


The SBD has now been rescripted to disable searches during the time frame of 8am - 9am GMT every day. This is to facilitate the updating and backup of the entire Searchable Bans Database. During the proposed time frame the script will not function for visitor search requests. Visitors should receive a notice that the database is under maintenance and should return shortly.


Thank you for your patience at the time when the SBD is undergoing daily maintenance. We hope to continue to bring you quality service as well as keep banned players off your servers.

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