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The width of the ss depends on pb server settings and they can be set to whatever you want, depends on a lot of things,but that does not prove they were tempered with.


SS are suppose to be in .png format and you can confirm with the logs to see if everything match....md5 checksum etc...



Hope it helps

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When ass is taken, in the pb server logs, it enters the numercal ident of the ss aswell as its own digital signature, every file has a different one(considering we are talking about different files).


For example, there are 2 different files calles gun.pk3, one is a skin and the other one a hack, even with the same name and extention, md5 will be different as the files are basicaly different


I know since your not the admin, there is 0% chances to be sure exept if the server streamed to us

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md5 checksum etc??? whats that?

quick explanation:

A hash function, such as MD5, is a one-way operation that transforms a stream of data of any length into a shorter fixed-length value. Virtually no two streams of data will produce the same hash value.


long explanation:

What is an MD5 Checksum?


It is a binary file check that creates a 32 digit ‘checksum’(very similar to a pbguid)

To put it simply, an MD5 checksum is a 32 digit fingerprint that can be used to verify that data is 100% genuine and is especially useful when checking cheat and non cheat related files that have been submitted to PBBans.

For example,all pbss submissions must come from streaming servers,that is not PBBans saying you dont stream so tough, what it means is that the MD5# of the submitted pbss will be checked against the MD5# in the streamed logs and prove beyond doubt the validity of the submitted evidence.

This totally eliminates the "i was framed whine".

In a similar vein its quite an easy task to check the MD5# of a file if a player claims its a quite innocent file that he just happened to rename with a recognised cheat name. We have the MD5# of all hack related files that are on our MCI's.

The PBBans motto is "always quality over quantity" and the ability to compare the MD5# against flagged MD5tool mismatches (on appeals) ensures that every MD5 flagged violation that appears on the PBBans Master Ban Index(MBI) is 100% genuine.

Using MD5 scans is an important tool in giving PB that little bit of help that turns it from competent to really great cheat detection software.

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