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IRC (internet relay chat)


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There is always a staff presence on IRC for "live" support and the standard MIRC client is quite easy to get set up, there is a multitude of irc client applications out there but these 2 are the PBBans recommended choices.

Both are absolutely free.




I have used the standard MIRC client since i discovered IRC and never had a real problem.

Once you get comfortable with IRC this website will explain a lot :


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I must comment -

There is HARDLY ever any response to my questions/tech. problems in the PBBANS IRC channel...

Once, out of about ten tries, was I able to reach anyone. There are constantly 20 - 30 ppl logged into the channel, and I can see them talk amongst themselves about random topics, but as SOON as I mention anything PB related, the chatter stops, and it almost feels like my question is avoided.

Much props to Benway, btw, who has been the ONLY person thus far to assist me in IRC.

I understand that admins/staff are not always just staring at their IRC chat windows, but I assumed that the channel was for technical support, which I haven't really received.

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I'm usually there ( I was smoking at the time you came ). One of irc rules is to wait 15 minutes. No one was chatting when you where there ( only you and our Bot which announced new bans ).

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What you have to take into consideration re irc is a few factors :)

All the PBBans staff have real life jobs that unfortunately we must attend to get paid.

All the PBBans staff are unpaid volunteers who do all the PBBans related work in their free time.

Timezones have to be taken into consideration.

To speak to a certain member of staff just type the first letter of their displayed name and press the "tab" key, till the exact name matches the displayed one - this will activate (in my case) an alarm call.

If I'm there I will respond.

The key word is patience, I have lost count of the number of times I get a call, finish what I'm doing and the person has disconnected within 5 mins.


Lets hope you have better luck with your irc experience eh :)

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I idle in the IRC channel 24/7...however, I don't sit at my PC 24/7. Like fozzer and foxdie said patience is key. Nothing against you but we have had folks drop in....ask a question....and quit IRC all in the matter of 30 seconds. IRC is helpful for live chatting with the Staff and other server admin but the forums is always the safest bet to get the best response to your questions. It is also helpful to other "non-IRC" server admin if posts are in the forums.



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I was unaware of the alarm command :rolleyes: ; I haven't used IRC very much, and I think I understand now that folks stay logged in for long periods of time, but are not necessarily FOCUSED on it (running in the backround). This grumpy and impatient admin apologizes whole-heartedly, and thanks SO SO much for those admins and staff helping me out with technical issues/questions on a daily basis! The IRC channel is becoming a wonderful tool, if I can just learn the patience! Thanks for all your hard work, you guys kick butt! :lol:



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