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PunkBuster coming to H-Hour: World's Elite


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The studio is proud to announce the integration of a highly respected anti-cheat into H-Hour to supplement the protection provided by VAC. PunkBuster™ is the original Anti-Cheat system for online multiplayer games. In the past only AAA games were able to use these tools in the daily battle against cheats but we reached out and arranged to bring you the best tool we could find.


Evenbalance's goal in creating this software is to keep the playing field as even as possible so that PunkBuster-enabled games are played the way they were meant to be played. For more information on Punkbuster, you can visit their site here:






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It's coming. It was released two days ago. Give it some time. This is what is planned.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“We will continue to add content, fix bugs and tweak things as we head towards full release. Between early access and our full release, with the CONTINUED support of our community we would like to:
Add more characters, more maps, more weapons and explosives;
Add more animations and character actions;
Add achievements and player cards;
Build robust player stats that not only allow players and clans to view their results so appropriate training is possible but also allow for a database of player metrics that can be used to detect cheats;
Allow communities to control their play environment by releasing Dedicated Server files for their use with included admin tools for the server;
Integrate e-sports tools;
Integrate ingame clan management tools -- allowing clans to create their own custom page, create unique badges and logos, invite members, see member stats, issue and accept clan challenges and other tools the community may request;
Build a character and weapon customizer tool to allow for aesthetic pack DLC for those players who just want that little something different.
You can expect some performance and graphic improvements as we optimize.


EA should take notes. :p

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Other improvements include tweaks to Temple and WolfRun to improve in game FPS and a new install application for H-Hour’s PunkBuster application. When you first run the game after the patch, you will be asked for permission to run this new application. Please make sure you click on OK and I Agree and follow the directions. This also means we are an official game for them and included in their PBSetup tool that can be used to update files for anyone with problem installs.

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Looks like they do not like Punkbuster anymore:



Highly recommend everyone run a verify on their game files as this one is large and includes removal of punkbuster. To get the pb files out of your game files, you must verify. To do this:

Right click on H-Hour
Select Properties
Click on Local Files tab
Click on Verify integrity of game cache and let it run





You do not need punkbuster to play H-Hour but may need for other games. In previous patches, pb was installed but not activated as the hope was one day, EvenBalance would get it working for us.  It has been awhile and we are moving on to other methods so now removing.


Wait to uninstall until after the patch is out as if you do so now, it will just reinstall itself.  Also, punkbuster can be removed using control panel/programs/uninstall a program for all platforms except Win10.  No need to download anything special.

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