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An old ban from my friend in BF3


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My friend recently comes back to BF3 to play with me and he found that he is banned in Oct, 3, 2013 for an unknown reason. He clearly remembered that was the time of BF4 beta test and he thought it could be a mistake to ban his account. By this ban, he could not enter some of the BF4 game servers as well.


↑This is the ban information. The ban seemed to be 2 years and a half now. My friend really wants to experience BF3 again, so we could use some help about this ban.
Thank you very much.

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Your friend triggered a cheat violation via punkbuster software.
Even Balance who are the creators and maintainers of punkbuster software always have the last say when an appeal is made concerning their own software.
Your friends appeal was made on June 04, 2014 (a full 8 months after being detected) and he got a reply the very same day from an Even Balance staff member;

06/04/2014 05:25:17 - "Alex J"     
    Note #2: We do not find this violation to be triggered in error, and it will not be removed. It is at the discretion of the third-party ban list administrator to remove any ban given as a result of this violation.


We never lift valid bans.
If your friend wants to play on PBBans protected servers he will need a new Origin account and a new game.

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