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need AAPG streaming help


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split off


always start a new thread to ensure your issue is not lost in an ancient thread


as for your issue



A little patience goes a long way.  You will find that all the information is in the link fozzer posted.  From the automated setup to the more manual way ;)


Firstly check you've added the IP and Port correctly.  It needs to be the join port not the rcon port.


Currently that looks like this: is that correct?


Then you run the automated webtool - For this you need the rcon port


If that doesn't initiate streaming, then I always recommend manually adding the information to the relevant files on your server:

For AAPG this is:

http://www.pbbans.com/mci-view-aapg-pbsv-43.html  ... copy and paste this into your pbsv.cfg file on your server.


MD5 scans available here once you are streaming:

http://www.pbbans.com/mci-view-aapg-md5-43.html  .... go into your pbsvuser.cfg file.


Check that you have a pbucon.use file on your server as well.


After that, issue a pb_restart via your rcon tool or restart the server completely.  If that doesn't work post back here. 



looks like you entered the incorrect port 7778 is usually the port used to add to hub 8777 is used to setup

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In game servers panel you should have access to the following files:

pbsv.cfg and pbsvuser.cfg


If you don't, then ask gameservers to give you access to those files. 


Also rcon commands are issued via admin tools.  Which programme do you use to administrate your server?

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I don't have any RCON tool, I've looked but don't understand  how they work. 

I do have access to the panel and FTP. I put the config file from here in through the FTP. How does it start streaming? 

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I put the config file from here in through the FTP. How does it start streaming?

Can you restart the server? (target: A server init will (should) load uploaded configs)



I don't have any RCON tool, I've looked but don't understand how they work ...

pb_sv_restart apparently prefixed by AdminPBExec

[ console:        AdminPBExec pb_sv_restart

  or/better        AdminPBExec pb_sv_load pbsv.cfg     ];

but AA4 is not too well documented [ AdminPBExec is AA3 syntax, and that already tried to use some sort of "pb player-power ;P" in form of pv_sv_rcon (activated via uploaded config!) to circumvent the poor pb integration ] , but with your remark its a oh well anyway.


As for the (game-)port, we see all currently streaming aapg servers on :7778



PS: checkout this ...


I got in a hurry this morning and didn't have time to restart the server. You were right, Mr. Sunshine, the correct  join port is 7778   rcon port is 8777. I have since changed it on my streaming application. The correct files are now on the server (I think) and it has been restarted. Should be good to stream. If it's not, I am going to shoot myself and we wont need to worry about it any more.

Thanks, Mark

... fixed/streaming now

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I made the amendment to ports as per Bens post:


---------- Account Information ----------
Team: Gord Fraser (crazycanuc)
Account ID: 16307
Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 3)

---------- Server List ----------
AAPG -  (Streaming)

---------- User List ----------
crazycanuck4 (133886)

---------- Helpful Links ----------
Account Management
CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use)
PBBans Hub Flags
Master Player Index
Automated Streaming Setup
Not Streaming Fix

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Ok I'll check to see if its

 streaming or not. The server restarts every day and when I make changes it restarts also.Is there a script that has to in there fro it to run? I read somewhere about pbuse or something like that  has to be in there also.


Thanks for all the help BTW. It's streaming now TYVM. I will check how to setup ss.

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