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beware the gift horse's mouth


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Hey, recently someone gave me a copy of dmc devil may cry for free, and i thought it was a nice gesture. i redeemed it on my main. an hour or two ago i got an email from steam saying my password was changed then that my email was changed, i have just locked the account and i hope ic an get it back soon

How it was done:

-Scammer gives me cd key for game

-I redeem key and say thank you

-Scammer tells steam support he cant log into steam account account and give them the cd-key he gave me

-Scammer if lucky enough gains access to my account. changes password, and email and attempts to sell my items if i dot catch it right away

TL:DR Scammer gives me cd key, tells steam support its his provides cd key and steals my shit



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Thats what i was already told when i was a little girl by my mommy.....Only subject has changed: chocolate--> free games :D

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