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PBBans Funding


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For the past 13 years PBBans has been completely independent and we have been free to choose our hosting providers because of the donations from our generous community. However, over the past 6 months the monthly donations have not been enough to cover our hosting costs even with the reduction of the amount required. The additional funds have been coming from the months we exceeded our monthly goal which is now running out.

Over the years we explored many options to help fund PBBans but our primary goal is to keep our services online and ad free without requiring any fees to use if possible. Using advertisements on the website was an option and we did try Goggle ads for guest users but they didn’t work out in the end.

We have had numerous offers from game server providers to host us on hardware they own or rent and we greatly appreciated the offers. We prefer the ability to choose our own hosting solutions and didn’t want to run into the scenario of the GSP no longer wishing to sponsor us and we would be forced to move.

Finally, the number of streaming servers has dropped considerably over the last 8 years and the number of active community members with it. With more new games not using Punk Buster it has reduced the community overall.

If you use our services, please consider donating if you haven’t already done so. To those that have and continue to donate we thank you. Your contributions help keep our community alive.



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Come on everyone. don't let this service go down! everyone donate that uses this forum $1 dollor this month. Don't let Activision kill this game. Call of Duty 2 is the Best Online Game ever made, By far.


This don't only hurt the online clan's, it hurts the server companies  to!


We all lose.


As an clan admin. I have 1000's of hours in building our website and not to mention the loyal clan members.


Sincerely, L&L*GunOil

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donation made :)


pbbans need to make the streaming a monthly subscription to cover the cost, 

Even if it was a $1pm that would easily cover it.


If pbbans is gone it will be a sad day for the online gaming community.

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It really would be a shame if PBBans ceased operations. I've sent you a PM with a couple of ideas of what we can do to help out and keep the lights on. Please let us know if there's anything we can do.

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Thank You Everyone that stepped up to the plate this month with donations.\


Now, lets keep it going!!!


I looked at new previews of COD2 world war 2 and it is no better than cod2.


Activision is trying to ruin this game.


Made 7 phone calls to their support about connection problems with GUID KEY DUPLICATE with no0 response.


Call them to @ 1-310-225-271

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