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your post topic is - but your server IP/Pport shows as


your post requests hub streaming but your server has shown up as a new server in the rep :)


I have had your chosen username and password sent on to me and your server is added to the Rep


PBBans Repository Server Search

Server Status: Server is streaming via Rep

Server Info

Clan Tag: {XF}

Server IP:

Last Streaming: August 30, 2006 11:22 pm


btw - welcome aboard :P

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Looks like I made several mistakes. I tried to setup both systems. Which one should be used?


We have changed hosting company and this server is no longer working.


I am not sure where to ask this so I will put it here.. But first I have some background.


We are now using TCAdmin to control our games. We are a Halo clan that likes to play Fear. So basically there is only one fear server. In an effort to add some variety to playing fear, the single server can be turned off and another turned on just by 2 clicks of a mouse. So how do you want me to setup streaming? I can have all the variations on the fear server set to same ip and port. I think this should work. I will try it shortly. So when one goes down, the new server can use the same streaming account.


Which streaming system should I set up for?


thanks for reading and your help.



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the PBBans Hub is the better option of the 2 streaming methods if your server is fairly active - we recommend the standard method of streaming if the server is going to stand empty for long periods of time - as long as the same root pb folder is used for both servers there should be np

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