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ET is dead here? (MPI access?)

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I saw a thread discussing the end of PBBans support for Enemy Territory. If that's the case, how do I get access to the master player index? I understand ending the support, but i can't access the list anymore and that would be useful in administering a pub server.

I contributed with server data for years, I miss that tool.


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Prerequisite for MPi access: streaming server(s)


Use of MPi access for ET (in short: historical) :


ET was removed from Master Player Index MPi due to numerous spoofing issues (guid / ip / server-spoofs / injected banable-violations / pb_server-hacks / fake-clients ... anything) 2011 -ish.

Since then we handle all ET bans as Unofficial Bans solely. In other words, streamed data of legacy games (no more support, no updates/patches for known exploits) has to be rated less reliable, if not unreliable.

To keep MPi as trustworthy as possible, we will not process data from said servers to be integrated into MPi database.

it screws up MPi integrity via linked guid(s) feature, same was was done e.g. for BFp4f (bug: one IP for all players) ... endpoint of screwup was: every guid is linked with any guid, what renders MPi finally useless.

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i think et was the genesis for uMBi


MaydaX split et off because the data was not 100% do to the issues already mentioned  iirc

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