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PBBans Repository Server Search

Server Status: Server is streaming via Rep

Server Info

Clan Tag: SPK_800

Server IP:

Last Streaming: September 4, 2006 1:45 am


streaming nicely via the rep - welcome :)

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we recommend standard Rep. streaming for servers that will stand empty for long periods of time (only used for clan wars etc)


we recommend the Hub for busy public servers.


the rep detected bans get added to the mbi when the logs are parsed (once a day) the hub detected bans get added to the mbi and every other hub server's pbbans.dat instantly


it's entirely your choice to decide what best suits you :)


you can stream any amount of servers using exactly the same pbsvlog.cfg that you are using on your streaming server now - just make a post with the IP/Port exactly how you did for the server you have streaming now, and dont forget each server needs the pbsvlog.cfg and the command line ;

pb_sv_load pbsvlog.cfg //load remote logging settings (if pbsvlog.cfg exists) added to each servers pbsv.cfg :)


why not try 2 streaming via the Rep. and 2 streaming via the PBBans Hub - after a week you can decide whats best for you :)

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