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Why i can not finde this entry in the ban list ?


^3PunkBuster Server: 8 c2f17c55480762387c563281150d79b0 {2/2} "^0P^6!^0nKy^6-^0No^6.^00B" "" MD5Tool Mismatch: ET (len=2048)


The GUID c2f17c55480762387c563281150d79b0 is not on our ban list.


If you are receiving a Global Ban message, this is an EvenBalance issue and is out of our control. Please visit EvenBalance.com for more information.

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if you send the command via rcon pb_sv_banlist you will see a server response that looks something like this:



^3PunkBuster Server: 9136 6d617d8759950a9faf8562df602250b3 {0/-1} "^3sneaky" "" VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) #70285 (PBBans Rep)

^3PunkBuster Server: 9153 5b0c8fccab47cd35eacdf52fadaeb88a {2/2} "outcast" "" Violation (GAME INTEGRITY) #20006

^3PunkBuster Server: 9162 0488928fd6eaeeb21403c7d6ece4036c {2/2} "^1LUFT^7WAFEE" "" Ignoring MD5Tool Queries

^3PunkBuster Server: 9172 587ee41d15057a08be69e622c45fa851 {0/-1} "Shield" "" PBBansHub!MULTIHACK

^3PunkBuster Server: 9184 2ca5c6cb47277d724cb50aa8b2f48845 {0/-1} "kenshin" "" PBBansHub!CVAR(sol_aim)

^3PunkBuster Server: 9189 1ce22c091101cef8f81bd4c9a43cd11d {2/2} "Wildass" "" Cvar rate = 5000

^3PunkBuster Server: 9197 c31e19a730493f6d6a2a3882305949d2 {2/2} "Corduroy" "" Ignoring MD5Tool Queries

^3PunkBuster Server: 9216 9dd72f27a8917ef14b42c9b0a51d24d4 {0/-1} "|2gR|-ParaNormaL" "" PBBansHub!MD5TOOL(etn.cfg)

^3PunkBuster Server: 9234 3ec35afe0ffb638b2a88425ff627b18e {0/-1} "Altrove" "" PBBansHub!CVAR(et_wall)


this shows the hackers mixed in with the temp bans that have been applied auto for various reasons.


the {2/2} are the normal kicks players receive for a variety of reasons and are not bannable


the {0/-1} violations are the bannable ones and are auto added to your pbbans.dat

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