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Is PBBans Dead?


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Or dying? I have two tickets open and they haven't been looked at in over 24 hours. In addition, I jump in the IRC and I cannot even type so I am forced to PM the admins and no response.


What is going on here?

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One ticket was already responded to. The other was posted today. I've no access to pbbans apart from my phone for large portions of the day during the week which makes MPI searches rather a pain. I'm sure the admins will take a look over their weekends.

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Thank you for your response!


It was responded to with the impression that a follow up post was going to be made and I really need that follow up along with the other ticket answered ASAP!



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My ticket has been out there for a few days.. no response.


You only have one ticket Posted Oct 2, 2016 - 08:37 PM I can see and it was two days ago. Which has been replied to, admins have real lives and do try and answer promptly where possible.



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What timezone is this website on? I know I didn't submit that ticket on Sunday night. Ah.. well here is what time it says I posted it on my side: Posted Oct 2, 2016 - 04:37 AM. Regardless, that isn't a few days, only a couple, so for that I apologize.

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