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[PL] Ta3K permanent CHEATING .. NO BAN


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BF4 ..  Just trying to post here  ..  Why this player is still in the game? : http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/Ta3K/stats/1690120050/pc/

Hundreds of people already reported him.

Evidence here:

*poof* youtube is not proof

This people really killing the game. Does it means, if you got good paid cheats, punkbuster is weak?

Please, please, focus on the player


Thank you very much   :)

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Welcome to PBBans also we're not Punkbuster.

As far as being banned you mean this player https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-view-ban-407496.html yes the player is banned.

One thing to note we never work from video footage.

We are PBBans not Punkbuster, EvenBalance are the creators of Punkbuster.

If you feel that strongly about the player submit the video to the servers it was recorded on, or a better option is to play on a server that streams to PBBans and you'll never have to worry about that player again on that GUID.

You can see here http://metabans.com/player?i=R7vX the player is banned from quite a few servers on Metabans, I'd say the servers you are playing on either don't care or the player has a new GUID, without doing a google search I'd say the player would be known to a few out there.

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Nice. Anybody wanted to add a remark on "community-driven anti-cheat" here?

Like, what a"useful" thing that was? Or like, a hardly ever working anti-cheat was better than sod all?







Just thinking. (after silently bearing all the nonsensemongerish i had to read elsewhere here (post-cognitive area, ain't we))

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