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server is not correctly configured.


Im Sorry, During the week, monday thru thursday 6 am- 5pm the server is usually down, being it is on my home pc


i have it up after 5pm and all weekend also


here is what i have in the .cfg file which i think i have don correctly


pb_sv_LogAddr //[remote_log_address]

pb_sv_LogPort 27888 //[remote_log_port]

pb_sv_LogUser **** //[remote_log_username]

pb_sv_LogPw ********* //[remote_log_password]

pb_sv_load pbsvlog.cfg //Load cfg on start

pb_sv_load pbbans_hub.cfg //load to hub

pb_sv_task 0 3600 pb_sv_ver //Keep Pb alive

pb_sv_HttpAddr // IP only

pb_sv_HttpPort 27888 // Port only

pb_sv_HttpKey *********

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just take a read of the streaming guides again m8.


there are 2 methods of streaming - rep and hub


rep requires a pbsvlog.cfg with this info in it;

pb_sv_LogAddr // this never changes

pb_sv_LogPort 24389 // this never changes

pb_sv_LogUser USERNAME

pb_sv_LogPw PW


hub streaming requires 2 files (pbucon.use and pbbans_hub.cfg)

and the command pb_sv_load pbbans_hub.cfg added to your pbsv.cfg


its one or the other - your choice.

running a server off a home pc takes quite a bit of bandwidth not to mention cpu resources etc, otherwise if you get around 4 players connecting the lag would probably make the game unplayable - can your pc cope with this?


if we can only verify streaming at specific times of the day in all honesty i would say that streaming your server to any AC service would be a waste of time for us and for you

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Yeah, i know about the problems assiciated with using a home pc to run dedicated servers. Its more than enough to handle it, as far as my connection im on a full T1, ive ran 3 dedicated servers at once along with playing on it, most of them were set at 12-16 players and most were full with no lag whatsoever, as far as me not running the servers during the day time on weekdays, its not Peak gaming hours, plus my wife does use this pc during that time also, and as far as me telling the clan that no we cant stream because it would be a problem, im sorry I will not put up with cheating in any of the games we host.


This issue is going to be fixed when i get my new system fixed, then it will be a dedicated server for all of our games

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i just re-read my post and nowhere did i say you will have to put up with cheating - you can take intermediary measures like researching hack cvars or md5 scans to use on your server - but from a purely streaming perspective - from a home pc that is not running 24/7, i would say its a bit of a nightmare to keep track of especially when streaming via the PBBans Hub, and especially if you had a pbss/demo submission or a ban appeal query.


I would say the best solution all round would be to make a return here, if your still interested in streaming, when you have your dedicated machine up and running.

if any other staff member disagree's with this evaluation then they can deal with your streaming request.

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