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Corrupted File Memory


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Since you guys helped me with my last one...I'll try this one out on ya.


In COD UO, I am suddenly getting kicked out of my clan's server with the following error:


Kicked via Punkbuster

Restriction: Corrupted File Memory [81058]


I bought UO a few months back through a download site. I'd simply reload UO...if I could figure out where I saved the download file. :(


Any ideas on how to combat this error? I've already used PB update manager to download the latest PB version.





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google result:

If you get kicked by Punk Buster for something like: RESTRICTION: Corrupted File/Memory[81058] then you probably changed you original coduomp.exe to something else and you need to put back the original coduomp.exe file, either by re-installing the game or getting the file one from your friends.
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Okay. This is quite perplexing. I finally found my original download file, for the COD UO game. I removed my game, and reinstalled it. I still don't get the CoDUOMP.exe file, anywhere....and still get the same error. This is weird.




Replace the CoDUOMP.exe file


I dont know where you can find a working one right now, but try google it ;)


I will see if I can find a link for you later.

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