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Ban shows on Punkbusted

Steven Zahm

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I show that my GUID is banned on PunkBusted. When I enter my GUID to try to appeal I get the message that my GUID is not on the ban list. I cannot get on the servers I usually play on for COD2. Other servers are OK. The admins on the servers I am banned from have investigated and have told me it is a PB ban


Here is the info off of Punkbusted. [PsB:2933 V009994C5] 03ddbd452a8fe89e973db2632d396216 "Perrin" "" PB HACK #130342


I would like to appeal if possible. The ban ocurred a couple days after I was receiving PB kicks off of these servers and I updated PB was able to play. After that I received the ban message. Thanks for your help.

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