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Downgrading steam version to 1.7

CU - DizzyKipper

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Hi I have a clan mate who wants to play a bit of cod4 again. He has the the steam version which is v1.8. However, the servers he wants to join are v1.7.

I don't have the steam version so I can't help him, I read about downgrade servers, that install stuff, and tools for this that and the other, but naturally I'm wary of suggesting he installs anything of the internet, in case he ends up banned! I also read that you can just use the 1.7 file, which obviously I have, and replace the 1.8 file.

Does anyone have experience of this? I don't want him banned.

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Can't edit so should explain, the 'downgrade servers' seem to reinstall an earlier version of cod4, but heaven knows what else. 

The 1.7 file I'm referring to is the iw3mp.exe. If that works, safely, I could just give him mine.

I'm reluctant to go with the 'trial and error' approach!

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I believe there was an exploit that affect lots of the cod games and they got patched, including Cod4, although cod4 wasn't actually affected by the exploit.  This makes it 1.8 and what Steam uses.

There is also another patch, a community patch for cod4x or something. Not sure if this is just a modded version? Some love it some hate it.

Most of the links on the SCS site to help are 'forbidden'. I added the SCS server to Qtracker, it is v1.7. In the Gametracker chat, one has posted, "hi make sure your patch is set to 1.7 as if ya got it from steam it is set to 1.8 all info can be found on our website at http://scsclan.org/index.html".  I didnt really want to register and I can't see it anywhere else on the site.

Reading a bit more around the subject, the 1.8 update seems to replace the iw3mp.exe, so he might just have to use my 1.7 version. At least he knows that's clean, and just hope it doesn't mess anything else up! 🙏

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found https://www.moddb.com/games/call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare/downloads/call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare-all-patches



steam put cod4 to 1.8 now so you will have to roll back to the 1.7 as long as you have all the files like pb and patch 1.7 you will be good

so PB files may be needed as well


there are supposed to be a lot of discussions on the steam forums about this as well

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The steam chatter is either to go to a download server which puts files on your PC, or swap the iw3mp.exe for a 1.7 version.

Might have to try that. Thanks for your help.


UPDATE: I gave him my iw3mp.exe, v1.7x, which he swapped with Steam's 1.8. I can confirm that it works on a 1.7 server. No problems. 😊😊 Stress over.

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Hey random internet person/guest/registered user who found this topic.

You found a safe answer to your query, saved you loads of potential headaches, and if you were researching this for someone else, having a definitive answer is going to make you look like you know what you're doing!

How about you show your thanks by donating some money to PBBans in order to keep this resource alive? https://www.pbbans.com/donations.html

10 dollars should do it! Cheers!

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