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I downloaded the Master Ban Index (MBI) for aliasfinder in our server and noticed it went from about 7200 to 6847....Can you tell me why this is...

A fairly long time ago it was decided that the no fog pk3 violation would be made kick only and not perm ban - there was quite a few so we left it to the players to raise an appeal and removed them as they came in.

At first we got quite a few appeals, then the ban appeals dried up, and more important projects such as the PBBans Hub was brought to the forefront, now with everything running sweet, we have a little time for the relatively minor tasks, I pruned all the no fog bans from our system and saved those lazy players the bother of raising an appeal :P

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YOU NEED TO BAN THIS GUY FROM PLAYING BF2......... Morticiann player number= 43527986







All this guy does is tk..... he joins in as commander and tk's EVERYONE... the whole map.... By joining in as Commander he does not get punished automatically through in game. Even though his points dramatically drop. Either way this guy is a neucence. Really takes the enjoyment out of the game.



Admin (Please redirect this post if its in the wrong area. As i'm new to this forum)







even if you all can't ban him. Someone find a way to piss him off as he has for the past few nights on one of my local servers



24/7 Wake 2007 #2 - Insomnia365

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PBBans is a privately run anti cheat site.

we dont place players on our master ban index for teamkilling, its the server admins job to police his own servers and apply a local ban when neccessary.

you need to contact the server admin and voice your complaint. :)

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