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Banned but not Banned


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Hi, I have recently noticed that i am banned from alot of Streamed PB servers on CoD UO. Although i have checked the ban list and i am not on it and i have never hacked. I was advised that it might be a PB ban by someone who i was meant to be having a match agains when i founf out i was banned and so i came here. I used to have a graphics card which overheated alot and so all textures on my screen became distoted for a few minutes. I though this may have been why i am banned, but i am not on the ban list.


I doubt that these bans are local as i cannot remember ever being on these servers.


Any ideas why i am banned ?


My GUID is: 5826b13f5a3a3ac5dd8b8bad82c7a1f4



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