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help pls


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ey ppl i got a tryout for my clan

but i checked him on yawn:






and it says he got caught hacking some time before:


Violation Feb 20, 2006 - 16:16:35 pOfliN [israel] #9002: MD5Tool Mismatch: 4dv4nc3d.dll (len=2048)



so i asked him for it cause i dont wont any hackers in my clan.

he told me:

<TeRM1> its aconfig problem i had

<TeRM1> when i switched it

<TeRM1> its gone

so why did clanbase checked me

<TeRM1> and said all k

<TeRM1> some clanbase admin


<TeRM1> i told u its problem

<TeRM1> from normande.cfg

<TeRM1> by raziel

<TeRM1> the reflex program that fcked my config

<TeRM1> when i changed it

<TeRM1> all gone

<TeRM1> and u dont trust me


well i think he talks shit but i dont got a clue about this stuff

so experts out there pls help me.

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nothing to do with a cfg m8

the llama had a cheat dll in his game directory and was caught via md5 scan on a psb protected server .. he would have been on the PBBans MBI if he connected to a PBBans protected server like this guy who got caught with the exe that goes hand in hand with the .dll :P




guilty as charged :)

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ok another guy same story almost but i dont know shit so i am asking again :D





why is he not on global ban list?


why i cant find players who are clean omg :.(

lets try to stop this thread becoming a huge "why is he on the ban index" thread :P


anyone who appears on the MBI has been flagged as having cheat related cvars /files in his/her game directory and every ban that appears on the PBBans MBI is backed up by streamed info .. one of the main reasons for streaming a server to PBBans is so admins can narrow the playing field of convicted cheaters dramatically by pooling the bans from every streaming server and making the banlist available to all concerned admins who take the time and trouble to ensure a clean gaming environment for their regular honest clientelle.

PBBans does a lot of the hard work for ya by collecting the latest public and private cheat cvars/md5 info and the MBI is completely trustworthy :)


If you are checking out a prospective clan member and they appear on PBBans or PsB banlist's and are flagged on yawn with the dreaded red triangle = a past cheat conviction that can be verified and backed up by streamed information .. hope this clears things up for ya

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