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about: F.E.A.R. Servers being hacked


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At the moment there are a few persons around joining fear servers with a really annoying hack..


it has a recognizable votespam (continuously spamming the vote system so no-one else can use it)

and thats as far as it can be recognized.. however.. the bigger problem is.. it allows the person to change the serverside settings!


And with that, I mean all of them..


The gametype, servername, runspeed, make themselves jump higher, become invinceble etc.


A video of this hacker in action can be downloaded on:




there is no response from VU-Games yet but there are several discussions about it on the VU-Games Server operator forums, so often check back there :)


Link to the thread on the VU-Games forums:


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This is my first post here.


I am admin for the -=Os=- FEAR SERver.


I have the player GUID, name, and IP of a player who hacked my scmd on my standalone server, banned me, and sent me a trojan script that ripped my new gaming rig apart - all right in front of me while I was logged in as admin. I had to reformat completely.


To share this with other admin to have this guy gone from servers would please me to say the least.


Two nights ago on another server "Veteransresurrected" the player RaD SoulReaver hacked scmd of the server and proceeded to prove it to the admin that was logged in.


I have his pb GUI as I pb_plist'ed it berfore he left.


The first joker is gone from my server and I am sharing his info with other admin.

The second I am looking for advice on what to do with his pb gui.?


I have pb running but don't know much about it other than I update from the server side everday.


I will not tolerate hacks but especially not malicious tampering.


This is a great place that I wish I had found sooner.

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at the moment the best sollution is to ban his pb_guid and ip locally


ip because the game-key can easily be re-requested (combat is free)


if you are streaming and can provide proof of this happenning on your server while streaming u can have the player added to the MBI


PM me his guid and i'll search the MPI3 for you :)

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TEXAS battlegrounds #1 is experiencing the same hack,matter of fact i tryed to ban the hacker and couldn't. he also trys to personate clan members Ex:[TbG]Pistols69, cause of this i had to convince clan members it wasn't him doing this mistchief.i no because ip address dosnt match. thanks by [TbG]undertaker

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I found out that when someone is hacking your server and u cant find out wich one it is take these steps


- type pb_plist in chat

- make a screenshot of it

- look for ppl that stay in spectate mode and kick them 1 at a time

- when u just kicked someone and suddenly the hacking stopped.. lookup his guid in the MPI4 and ban all his IP's and Guid's


hacks nowadays can also impersonate other playernames.. so u see bob killing all ppl in the server instantly, but u see another player Joe get all the points.. then u need to get Joe, not bob :)


to say it again.. most of the time it's a spectator that's screwing around!

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