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low negative score kick


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Hmm .. i don't really know about a negative score for swearing .. but try to set pb_sv_scorekick to 0 (just an idea, doubt it has to do with that).


What mod are you using, do you have adminmod installed, too?

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pb_sv_scoreKick //[minimum score (negative)]


If you have a mod running that deducts points for bad language, once the player gets below what is set in the pbsv.cfg he will get a kick.


make the low neg. scorkick something ridiculous ( pb_sv_scoreKick -100 )

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TALON thats an ETPUB setting too:


g_censorPenalty [bitmask]

This is a bitflag that currently supports the following flags:



kill the player


kick players with names containing words in g_censorNames



kill, but don't gib



Auto-mute for g_censorMuteTime [60] seconds.


Lose the amount of xp specified in g_censorXP



Note: If you use both 1 and 4, it will gib (like shrub did).


Default is 0



g_censorXP [integer]

The amount of XP to lose as a censor penalty. Only works if bitflag 16 is added to g_censorPenalty.


Default is 5

then turn off the low xp kick in pb

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