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MSI help?


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hello guys,


i need a little help, my server is streaming VIA hub, but i was wondering what MSI is? it says my server is not in the MSI Rep List. how do i get my server in the MSI list, or do i need it sence my server is allready streaming via hub?



server ip:



thanks guys!

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Rep is the alternative to Hub, you dont stream to both to the same site (pbbans). By streaming via Hub to pbbans, you leave rep free to potentially stream to other sites. That's the short of it, I'm sure one of the site admins will fill you in on the rest.

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Every anti cheat site uses the rep. method of streaming .. this method of streaming is fully explained here click me

PBBans is the only anti cheat site that has developed an alternative method of streaming .. this method is fully explained here click me

The beauty of the PBBans Hub method of streaming is its simplicity to set up and the enhanced features it provides.

The Hub has quickly established itself as the primary method of streaming, by choice, of the admins that use our services and after you initially generate a banlist when you first start streaming all bans are added auto to keep your servers pbbans.dat bang up to date.

Violation detections on other Hub servers are added to your pbbans.dat within 4 seconds and detections made on rep. streaming servers are added when the rep. servers are parsed (once every 24 hours)

By using the PBBans Hub, this free's up the standard rep. method of streaming so it's possible to stream to more than one anti cheat site if admins so desire.

We strive for continuous improvement at PBBans and the developement of the PBBans Hub has brought us a lot more admins who use our service.

In your particular case the Hub method of streaming is ideal and all you have to do as a server admin is to use the MCI info here click me to keep your server as cheat free as possible.

How to set up cvar/md5 scans is explained here click me

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