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Click the following link and look at the player at the top...Sid Liyne




I noticed this player tried to join my server last night, he was kicked, not banned. I use the HUB and was just wondering if my server has been set up properly by myself. Or, if it was just a time zone difference. Here is what I found in my pbbans.dat.

[01.09.2007 19:04:20] 3eef70aa8d353f1fffc519bbd37dcdb4 "sid liyne" "" PBBansHub!MULTIHACK


Anyways, he was in my server at an earlier time, he got busted later on that night. I'm curious as to why he could get onto mine, but get banned from another server. Maybe I failed to set up my configs properly? I don't know, just curious is all....


I am new to the punkbuster thing, I've never had it running prior to signing up with PBBans. We've always ran a private server so the use of punkbuster has never been needed....very tight-knit group and all.


Thanks in advance for your response.

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One more question, the screen shot size...I've played around with some numbers but nothing doing. How can I adjust it to show the full screen, or is this possible?

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Well something to consider.....if he was on your server......and then later on got caught cheating on another server. Most likely the reason he wasn't caught on your server was the cheat wasn't detected/activated.


You said he got kicked from your server.....what for?

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[01.09.2007 19:04:20] 3eef70aa8d353f1fffc519bbd37dcdb4 "sid liyne" "" PBBansHub!MULTIHACK

This is what the log stated. I think it was a timezone issue like foxdie said. I'm just a rook here guys, still learning the whole pb thing...LOL


Anyways, thanks for your quick reply's.

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It would be ill advised to view a larger screen in the PB ss.....for two reasons.


One....imaging squishing your entire screen into a little snapshot....and then trying to see if a person is wallhacking.....difficult on your eyes :)


Two....it will cause lag to both the clients and the server :)

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