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Last night me and my clanmates had an clanwar vs the **yuk edit** clan.

during the play we noticed strange things, like:

Shooting through buildings,

Shooting with RPG on them and ?Survive?(how weird is that),

Perfect aim shots,

and it sometimes looked like they had healthbars in vehicles 3times longer than normal, because we couldn't almost get them out of their vehicles

we had set up some rules and they couldn't obey them so almost at the end we left.

after that we had a debrief.

the clan leader looked in the LOGfile, and there was something strange.

ALL my clanmates had an PunkBuster ID and an Game Keyhash(as soon as i can get the log i will send it)

but none of the other clan did.


Are they cheaters? :ban2:

Edited by Benway
no pointless accusations. w/h evidence==pointless :S
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maybe. mabe not, who knows :rolleyes:


at the risk of sounding like your grandpa ... our base of cheat convictions are streamed logs, anything else is unprovable for us, could be manpulated, will put no ban on our MBI ...


btw this is the bf42 forum :mellow:

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The beauty of streaming is that streamed logs are 100% proof of any wrongdoing and can not be faked because they are streamed "live".


With the conception of the PBBans Hub it is now possible to stream to the 2 premiere anti cheat sites (PBBans and PsB) at the same time.

By doing this the server admin gets the best of both worlds.

conclusion/solution = get the server admin to stream his server.

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