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pb blocker ?


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Hello guys, please check this screens:












Do you think that this is clear PB Blocker ?


In other case evanbalance said:

Is it possible in any way and under any hardware/software combination, for Punkbuster to grab a screenshot of a player's desktop or any part of it?



Note #2: We have seen instances where under a weird mix the desktop has been shown. Not any open windows, but just the desktop or the wallpaper. But it is a rarity.

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everyone one of those SS have the same text " xxx player has killed himself " as noted in the white text..


there is no way in hell that "everytime" a pbss is taken that the same text/image would be in the same spot.


not only that but its a different map per pbss.. so yes its a pbss blocker no question about it..



Unfortunatly we cant do anything about this as you are not a streaming admin to pbbans and we cannot accept these screenshots as evidence as we cant prove without streamed logs that they havent been tampered with.

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Seems a bit like the known bug with r_displayresh 125 and different nvidia cards. But a clear blocker.


Also, wasn't this boy busted for CB? :P

yep, there are more nice info about this busted person. I've already voted yes for pb blocker and for ban this guy,



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