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MD5 checker help


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Hey i just recently updated my md5 listing to the newest one (the Feb 17th revision) and after i restarted pb in my server one guy was kicked for 2 minutes and it gave the following information: Cvar cl_timenudge = -50 What exactly is this and why was he kicked for it? also ive been seeing a large number of poeple who come on my server getting kicked for 2 minutes for: ignoring MD5 tool queries including a clan member but only once. What exactly is this and why do i see it so often? Im still very new and learning all this stuff so any help would be greately appreciated. Thanx guys ^_^
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If you are using the pbbans config, and some default configs the cl_timenudge is set to 0


This cvar used to be a way for allowing users to take into account servers where there were big ping differences prior to antilag technologies that work

So if for exampe your normal ping on a local server was 50ms and you connected to a US server where you ping 150ms you may have used -20 to try and even up the disadvantage, so for that reason Wolf servers used to allow from -20 to 0 range to allow some amendment without going crazy.


In ET it is best to leave this as 0 as most leagues insist on it as the etpro antilag does a pretty good job of evening the field unless you are lagging like crazy, so all your player needs to do is amend his setting to 0 to play on your server, and he would have had a warning and time to change this in console before PB kicked him. Just type /cl_timenudge 0 in console


MD5 checks are scans of files in your game folders and known directories for cheats, and compares the hash value of the files on your machine against the known value for the normal game files and known cheat files. If the hash value is not the same for standard game files or shows one of the listed known cheat files, then the user is kicked and if you are streaming they are reported to the hub and the ban issued to the other streaming servers for that game

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OOOOO thank jeebuz lol. This has been happening several times to a few of my members and i was getting kinda worried o.o could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that he plays from the UK? i wouldnt think so but he gets it the most often.
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OOOOO thank jeebuz lol. This has been happening several times to a few of my members and i was getting kinda worried o.o could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that he plays from the UK? i wouldnt think so but he gets it the most often.

Ignoring md5 queries is normally associated with network probs/packet loss/ lack of bandwidth, to name but 3 :)

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This is similar to pushlatency in HalfLife, defaults to 0 which is our suggested setting for online play. In Quake3 it is normally used for offline bot practice by using a positive value that is the same as average ping. However, a positive value can also be used to stabilize displayed frames with gameworld updates(snaps) and negative values are reported to adjust client side prediction.

We strongly suggest you leave cl_timenudge at 0 for online play. However If you do wish to alter cl_timenudge to adjust client side prediction then try a negative value that is 25% to 50% of your average ping. Example if you are currently pinging 100 to the server then experiment with a setting between -25 to -50 as your cl_timenudge value. Note that if you are using a negative value for cl_timenudge the top graph in cg_lagometer may be mostly yellow.

A positive value may help if you have problems with gameworld updates (snaps) not being rendered in time. Try a small positive cl_timenudge value of 5,10,15 or 20 never higher. See cg_lagometer for an explanation of how to determine if gameworld updates are not being rendered in time.

I heard that if u got antilag on then there is no ponit to allow negative or positive value...About ignoring, just use the search button. You just have to adjust settings of checking cvars / files (md5 list) / changed user cvars.


PB_SV_CvarFreq [Number]
The number of times per minute (default is 6) that each player has one cvar value checked against the current list of cvar ranges on this server

PB_SV_CvarChangedPulse [Number]
The number of minutes (default is 99 which means disabled) between automatic sends of the CVARCHANGED command described in the command section above

PB_SV_CvarWalk [Number]
The default setting of 0 tells PunkBuster to simply log lists of cvar names returned by the CVARSRCH, CVARUSER and CVARCHANGED commands so that the Admin would have to manually query the individual values if desired; a non-zero setting tells PunkBuster to "walk" through each cvar returned in such a list automatically and log the values of each cvar - the higher the number for this setting, the more cvars PunkBuster walks through during each processing cycle

pb_sv_md5toolfreq [Number]

To use the MD5Tool Facility, server admins must configure their PunkBuster server(s) to keep a list of files to be checked along with certain other parameters such as file offset and number of bytes to check. For each check, PunkBuster limits the offset to 16 byte boundaries and the length of data checked to between 16 and 2048 bytes per check. Additionally, PunkBuster waits a while between file checks so that players will not see constant disk activity during gameplay. By default, one file is checked every 60 seconds. Admins can set the pb_sv_md5toolfreq setting from 30 to 300 seconds to determine how often PB cycles from one file check to the next for each player on their server(s).

Important are also net settings of your server (for example autoscreenshots have influence too) and players. There u can find a little how to for players: click



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