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in your profile you have your gameserver set to fwet.dyndns.org:27960 your topic title and port routes back to a Home computer which we cannot add for streaming as we require a static / more permanent server setting. and the ip# you posted to have added to streaming is not even valid according to hlsw its doesnt have a port (so im guessing 27960) and doesnt correspond to what your asking.


- Server not added to pbbans

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Yes, I am on a residential connection, although it is a pretty fast cable connection.


I can live with not being a member. Do I get any benefits for setting up my server to stream without being a member?

Are people banned with PBBans still kicked from my server?


The IP in my post title is right, and the address in my profile SHOULD be fwgg.servegame.org:27960.

I'll go change that.


Sorry to bother you, just have a few questions.




was supposed to be the hub. Don't quite get that.

Any guides about streaming for dummies around here? I need one. I'm pretty sure I get it, but not sure enough for comfort.

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all forum levels are completely dependent on streaming status - if you stream a server your level is increased .. along with the increase comes access to the mci etc.

As kcinc0gnito has stated we require a static / more permanent server setting for a server to be added as a streaming server.

However there is nothing stopping you using our Master Ban Index .. this will effectively ban all those who have been caught cheating on streaming servers from joining yours.



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