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if im not mistaken the answer to you streaming is DENIED. please contact any of the admins other then myself on this issue.. im just the bringer of misfortune at times..

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All based upon the clan name, that's a little hypocritical. I thought the point of steaming is try to catch people hacking. I may be in the clan, however I run the servers, have had one GUID my whole time playing and I want try to do everything to stop people from using stuff in my servers.

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A direct quote from the PBBans announcements on our main website


We Do Not Support Badleague (Feb 16, 2007)


We would like to make everyone clear that we do not support bad-league, a SOF2 league. Recently we have been receiving emails asking why they were banned out of badleague. We cannot answer these questions for you as we do NOT support them.

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