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What this means, hack or not ?


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inconclusive imo.


would need to see more screenshots with some form of detail in the pbss

This is why Im asking, he is on PB ban list and reason is Corrupted File/Memory [84002], then he contacted PB about that ban and they sad that they will remove him from PB ban list. After that I found his SS on our server ( the one from post above ). This 3 SS ( SS are from random players ) are from baned players on PB site and I see very similar things like on SS above. Situation is that player is from our co-clan and I dont want to start fire if im not sure that this is hack or not. And what kind of hack is that one on those 3 SS.



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Corrupted File/Memory [84002]

that can indicate a gamehack/multihack running, but gives no positive proof, there's always the benefit of doubt. The SS aren't sufficient for a ban as well.
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Whoa, there is no question those are hacking screen shots. That is what is known as a glow hack where the enemy has a nice red glow under them which can be seen thru walls and around corners. In the second series of shots the first one if the most profound for 3 reasons:


1. Glow hack - notice the characters way off in the distance underneath the far tower laying in the road glowing away.


2. Aimbot - not the funky crosshair locked onto the enemy on the right walkway.


3. If this was regular bridge and not bridge SE, he was also using a no fog hack.



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I would have to agree with FlairDevil.


The very first screen shot looks similar to a screen shot being taken just as the player is shot..hence the red splotch...but the final three something is definitely not legal..

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