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Enemy Territory

clan tag is WT-


Configs in place, seems to be working according to pb_sv_uconlist , now just to have the server approved for streaming. Thanks :)

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you have a team account now bro .. that means you can manage your own server(s) :)


use your team account to add/delete/change IP etc etc


I got the pm just after posting this, thanks )


Added all of our clan's servers to the list, everything seems to be in order and hopefully they'll all be streaming shortly.


FYI, I'm impressed with how easy this was to get set up, and how quickly you guys respond. Keep up the good work in making our gaming experience just that much more cheat-free. B)

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for info:

signatures normally update every 3 hours, so dont worry if a server does not show straight away in your sig info.

For a true response on wether your server is streaming or not use this:


or the server checker on our main page

I've checked, and all 4 are currently streaming, so we're good to go here. :)

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