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ET BANS!!!!!!!!


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Dang COMPUTER!!! RAWR!!!! man ive been meaning to do this for a while but because i was having some computer problems i wasnt able to check up as often as id liked. So im gonna do this now even though its quite late. CONGRATULATIONS TO PBBANS FOR REACHING (and surpassing) 10,000 BANS ON ENEMY TERRITORY. The problem being....it sounds pretty morbid huh? lol :blink: But as morbid as it is still...Congratz!!!!! at least were finding em all!!!!sorta o.0 huzzah!!!!!

lol Benway i love that quote you have from RodeoBob:

[02:05] {VOD}RodeoBob: we might as well change our name from PBBans to ETBans or ETCentral or .... bah ET

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I've personally posted on my own forums, which have always been bannered on my ET servers, that ppl appeal their bans, if banned by the configs.


I won't personally remove them.


My stance on things, and maybe not all bans are justified. So far, two have appealed, one has been removed. The one that was not was banned for a file even TWL bans for, and has in thier competition configs as a bannable file to have.


I researched it, and had no questions when the ban appeal was denied.


Just my two cents.

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2 cents per ban could make us all rich enough to ban all the hackers that paid for a hack we can't detect. I'd be down with that, and will offer my 2 cents here and there if it will contribute to such. ;)


On a serious note, I do think that all bans the configs make should be appealed.


I've questioned a few, but took a good look at the greater good they do. If a player does not find my site, and it's google-able, and they do not appeal, so be it. There are other players willing to fill the slots, so does it matter so much?


If they missed the banners on the server prior to my running the configs from pbbans, so be it. Now they will have to google if they want to play, or figure it out for themselves.


Make them appeal, it will only add to pbban's knowledge of certain files, and the ability for them to create configs for us that work that much better. If pbbans finds something that doesn't work, again, it adds to their knowledge, and they can update accordingly. Help them out by playing team on this.

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Lol benway yea if you did get 2¢ per ban jeebuz you guys wouldnt need to ask for donations xD hold on ima try the current calculations ;) as of April 13th 2007 at 6:19pm Pacific Standard time you had 20,098 total bans and at 2¢ per ban you would have made a total of $401.96...hmmm maybe a more like 50¢ each ok lets see: $10,049 now THATS more like it lol.....you should see if you could find some kind of sponsor who would be willing to do someting like that....that would rock! hee hee Edited by Violat3r
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So from my point of view pbbans.com need a sponsor that is rich..or dumb enough to pay us 50¢ for each ban on the MBI :D After 10 years we can buy a little european nation.. France for example.

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lol yersh and then set up the whole small nation with giant pbbans servers and other servers to make more money......then soon........pbbans could TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! xD
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o i just checked the main menu and i would like to state an idiots congratulations to kam!l who was banned April 28, 2007 at 2:27:46 am, by a clan server that obviously streams to pbbans.com, for becoming the 11-thousandth banned member of Enemy Territory. Cheers! :D :rolleyes: ........oi they just nvr learn eh? Edited by Violat3r
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