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Damm...sry once again...i made a stupid confusion, i edited pbsvlog.cfg insted of pbsv.cfg :banghead: ....now it`s correct!! i hope... :unsure:


I have a few doubts...i use AON`s Admin Panel which has the PBUCON client for remote server control and those lines you told to delete are the ones that contain login configurations...will PBUCON client continue to work properly?


I have these similar lines at pbsvuser.cfg...they were added automatically by AON`s Admin Panel:


pb_sv_logaddr ""

pb_sv_logport 5141

pb_sv_uconadd 3 * (user) (pw)

pb_sv_usessionlimit 8


Do i have to delete these too? Will PBUCON work?


I am streaming to AON,ACI,PsB and later to other(s)...as you can imagine, my PB streaming setting are overriding each other and the server stops streaming...how can i stream to all this anti-cheat groups?


Thkx for your time! B)

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team account created (check forum pm)

server added to team account

server is streaming via the Hub



Team: Guerrilha Urbana Portuguesa (AC#486) --- Account Streaming (1 / 1)


User ID: 108075 ---- ForumName: GUP

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Benway, it doesn`t return anything at al...


i typed admin pb_sv_uconlist on game`s console while on my server and nothing...


Other commands like pb_sv_ver, pb_cvarlist or pb_sv_homepath don`t work either...but "admin message" or pb_sv_restart do...



What now m8?

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One last thing. When i check if the server is streaming on ACI for instance, with their public tool, it returns that it`s not...is that suppose to happen?


I will try PBUCON later, if it doesn`t work u will put those code lines you told to delete to see what happens:p



Thkx for you support[]

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We did have "live" log forwarding to other interested anti cheat organisations .. after our host server was subjected to "outside interference" :P the security was beefed up considerably and this had a knock on effect with the "live" log forwarding.

It's something that has taken many hours of work to try to resolve but our coders could not come up with a fix to satisfy our 3 main beneficaries (ACI,AON and CB).

A passive method of log forwarding was introduced via ftp and this is whats used at the moment.

As other new features have been worked on the log forwarding has sort of been placed on the back burner for the time being, but hopefully in the future it can be restored to its former glory. :)

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