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Could Experts help me out a bit?


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I run a BF2 server, and I had a clan come in and play a little bit odd. I went on their teamspeak to listen for hack / cheat discussion to see if my assessment was right. I didn't hear anything for awhile, and finally I asked them if they were playing the game legally. They were appalled that I had asked them such a question, and said they were leading experts at punkbusted.com, and they tell me they know everything their is to know about catching hackers. I would like it is some of the experts here could assist me in determining whether they are right or not, I disagree with them, but I do not know as much as you guys do.


Quote from MudGunner on Punksbusted.com

I am appalled at the nerve of this clown quite honestly. our clan has spent alot of time trying to keep our game and server clean for a guy like this to make accusations such as this and lie and say he saw him go through walls to me is defamation of character. This by no way shape or form happened at any given time. Ill give the donkey a bone, you can track enemies movements without seeing them with a good set of headphones and listening for movement in the game ill bet you never thought of that and i know why, cause you havent taken the time to figure out the game. Do you also know what happens to a server when a script is run, chaos. As i Explained and unknown script running on a server will bog it down and eat bandwidth making it so other players are effected connection wise. Dude you need to learn alot before you tread these waters and as far as Gabe and I are concerned we have previously abandoned other games due to cheaters and have sacrificed alot to be able to enjoy a game. I truly hope you smarten up and grow up before you open your lying mouth again, you have picked the wrong people to make stuff up about kansas boy!

And I know one thing...It doesn't matter what server it is when we go in we find people inside that are hacking. If you know what you are talking about, you'd find your answers."don't start causing lag, we don't start causing grenades to go off on people nothing happening, we don't cause that to happen. In that sense, we are not running unknown scripts we are running the game and that is it.

Learn it, know the signs, know how the server itself will react, for example grenades not going off on people, bounce don't die, shots not registered, and once you see that. But know what the your looking for man. We have put alot of time to catch these hackers man, you have no idea how many days and nights gabe has spent configuring things for our server so every single one of these are caught, and furthermore, me personally I take it to heart because I think all hackers are better off dead. The only thing they are good for is fertilizer for my ******* garden. Thats the way I see it. If you want to learn how to catch these fucking people I'll be more than happy to help you, I am sure gabe will too, other than that don't be treading on waters like that.

"One other thing you have to remember too, is hacks, they don't fail. Meaning if you have 5 circumstances where you are against a hack all 5 times will show that it is a hack. There will not be that one exception, it will not happen. A hack that somebody is using can predict a headshot even if their internet connections are 400 ping difference, it will still predict that headshot. A human cannot do that every time, it is inpossible."

I have taken the time and if you think a server that is made to handle 200,000 requests from a player per second that actually has to make 500,000 it will tie up resources. this is the laws of physics. 10 pounds of **** has a hard time fitting into a five pound bag.perhaps you can understand that. Tell you what set up a website and host it. set it up for a small bandwidth then start going way past what you are alotted. What will be the effect. What happens when a 16 player TS is upped to 25 without the host knowing. it will crash the servers, why? because of it eating the bandwidth. i have made videos in the BHD community showing the difference in the way a server runs witha person using the cheats and without. I was the person who found the cheat and used in a closed server with the people i trusted. we were appalled at what we found. at tath point i quit the game because i could no longer have fun knowing how many cheats were out there. so in essence i know how aimbots work from a first hand experience that still do this day makes me sick. What i believed was true. this is the basic jist for you. When you have a server with two people one with ping of 20 and the other with a ping of 500 according to your theory this does nothing to the server but in fact it will slow down the other int the server. Now when you are running a third party script the info is altered and has yet one more stop than usual where it is altered thus creating a "phantom ping" meaning it looks like 20 but the actions are that of a 500 ping. it was very consistant and the lag was very unique. WE had 5 hours of video and examples of what to look for. For you to tell me i have no idea my friend i ahve no failed attempts at catching cheats, i already know of one you have truly ****ed up on and you are more willing to make a very bad enemy than to say you are wrong. this game is full of clowns and you are not helping it when you try to pick **** with people that on your side. you have left a very foul taste in my mouth and have basically told me what i have done, seen myself and researched is all bull when i seen the evidence in front of my eyes. i do not want one more word out of you, either you are with us in catching the real cheaters or you are against us, you have clearly shown whose side you are on..

I would like it is you guys could evalute these statements with me here. What I look for when I think someone is not playing legitimately is headshots, "knowing" where players are and killing them all the time, doing unbelievable things over and over and over.


This man thinks that aimbotters and the rest of them will systematically kill a server and make it go over on bandwidth? Is this right? :huh:


Thanks for your help!

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Because your 5 day old topic got locked over on psb forums does not mean you will get a different answer here m8 :)

Without the assistance of streamed log info you will be hard pushed to drag a comment out of anyone here.

You do realise its quite easy to stream to psb and PBBans at the same time ?



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I guess this thread on the PsB forum is not related then

It is not related at all. That is a question about whether PunksBusted would accept video? I am not asking whether you would accept video or not, I am asking whether or not anything "Mudgunner" said was true about detecting hackers.

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