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A disgusted parent


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I am very disturbed at something my 9 year old son has found on your site. He plays a free game called Enemy Territory and is in a clan. My son assumed a player was cheating, so I directed him to this site. I figured it was safe since it was an ant-cheat web site. I was very pissed off and disgusted when I saw my 9 YEAR OLD looking at this





Can you please explain this filth to me? Why would this be viewable by anybody of any age? I have filed complaints with proper authorities and be sure you have not heard the last of me! You filthy, inconsiderate, demoralized, bed wetters.

Edited by Concerned_parent
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The PBSS has now been edited. We will edit a PBSS for nudity now and keep the original on file however back when that PBSS was added the system was new and PBSS got added before it could be edited.


You call us filthy, inconsiderate, demoralized, bed wetters for not editing a overlooked PBSS however I will ask this: What is a 9 year old doing playing a M rated game?


Game: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Publisher: Activision

ESRB Rating: Mature (17+) for Blood and Gore, Violence


Source: http://www.3dgamers.com/games/wolfensteinet/

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Not that its any of your business but I have a special modded server that has no blood. It is for kids. Instead of bullets and guns you have sling shots with paint balls and the panzers shoot green slime. Artillery strikes are multiple water balloons and satchel charges will not cause any damage.



If anyone has kids I would be happy to hand out the IP. I would rather not post it here due to harassment.

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Your concerns were noted and corrected within moments of you bringing it to our attention. We apologize and have made changes to the way PunkBuster screenshots are added to the ban lists.


You are the one who started the topic....and tossing harrasing comments our way. PBBans staff do not condone anyone "flaming" or harrasing other members of the site.


Thank you for pointing out the screenshot. My question to you is.....how does your 9 year old son interpret the information on our site?


One last thing.....( ||HalfBaked ) unless you are superman....there is no way that within 2 hours you can make it from Scottsdale, Arizona to Atlanta, Georgia. Keep that in mind the next time you want to post.

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