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hi all


i think the comunity on line have very big problem with cheater


i know a site where you can buy cheat

with my amaze i have see a cheat for CRYSIS the game is not exit now you can buy it about in November and there are a cheat

i know that you can't stop this but try too buy a cheat from there and stop

i have see a video about this for game Call of duty 2 this is impressive

with the fucking screen hack... you can't do nothing for see if is a cheater or no


i hope you read this

for try too stop the cheater

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We do know about the problem

Please dont post hack sites or links to hacks here at pbbans every time you do that you advertice for them ;)


What you can do in the future is pm it to any one in the staff

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sorry for the link

feel free to report the "pay for a cheat" sites to the tax authorities :P

I'm pretty sure that the taxman will be quite happy to extract his pound of flesh from the llama's that sell this crap, and with any luck they will have to pay a lot of back tax on their undeclared revenue.

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