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Strange pb_screenshot

Guest kal

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Hi, I'm an admin from a french cup ( CFET ) and I have access to pb_ss from all our servers ( all our cup matches are played on our own streamed servers )


Anyway, this is the pb_ss I've had from a player :




Never seen a pb_ss with a map loading !


Anyone has an idea ? bug ? pb_ss blocker ?



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Your server streams to PsB only m8.

Are you aware that it has been possible to stream to both PsB and PBBans at the same time ... double the protection from the 2 premiere anti cheat sites can not be a bad thing :)


Re the pbss, we like the original .png posted here and do you have more of this particular player on other maps etc ?

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I've got 2 others but nothing special on it :







There is just something strange on the bottom left hand corner, can't figure out which part of the official hud is it


Anyway, between the 2 screenshot, he renamed and his guid became valid. On the first one, the guid is not valid :


000044 "^7O^0d^7i^0N" (W) GUID=89b6822c829e17988396573ba3b25cd9(?) [2007.05.27 20:26:06]

000046 "^0S^7ki^0l^7lz^0-^7A^0|^7Arc^0h^" (W) GUID=89b6822c829e17988396573ba3b25cd9(VALID:255) [2007.05.27 20:34:40]


Dunno if that can help


ps : for the double protection, I'm only a cup admin and I have only access to rcon and pb_ss directory to check everything. Anyway, I will talk to the server admin about this feature ;)

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